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Recycled Boats Project

In this project we are going


The Angry Birds Catapult Project 

The Angry birds catapult project is the first project of the Second semester for Math / Science class. The point of this project is to teach us code and how it works, this project is also to teach us how the force angle and conditions can effect an object while it is being shot. The final out come of this project is going to be an arduino controlled catapult that with have a variable mast  to reach targets at different distances.

week 2

ABCP Document

After building your pencil and popsicle stick catapult, what do you notice about the flight of the objects?  What do you think you can do to make objects fly higher? Farther? Straighter?

The catapult having  a better frame and more tension on the arm that throws the object

Second Entry -

After the lecture on and your own research of projectile motion, write in your own words the definition of the following:

a) Projectile motion

Motion in projection; throwable / moving

b) Ballistics

A shot is considered ballistic because there was an extra added element to it

c) Torque

Torque is a twisting force that causes rotation

d) Parabola

A projectile making a curved, sort of U-shape only because it’s under the influence of gravity

Based on what you made with your pencil and popsicle catapult and your own research, what do you feel is going to help you with your catapult's flight for distance? Accuracy? Precision?  What materials do you think you're going to use and why?

high torque servo for more tension / power. variable arm. strong spring. all of these can make the catapult throw an object farther.

Stopping arm for the catapult

Week 3

My partner and i are ahead as we have both the launching arm and the stopping arm.

Week 4

We have the trigger ready to be mounted

Week 5

We added feet to each corner an have the trigger mounted. The spring for the tension arm is attached and ready to be connect to the servo once the tension servo is attached